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Solar FlexRack, Competitive in all the Right Ways

The Right Solar Racking and Project Services With over 2 GWs of product footprint, Solar FlexRack™, a division of Northern States Metals and an innovative leader in photovoltaic mounting and solar tracker solutions, has always been recognized for providing the right solar racking solutions and project services to support EPCs and developers with their utility-scale solar projects across North America.

Competitive Products, Services, and Costs for Large-Scale Projects Now Solar FlexRack is more competitive than ever with a continued focus on their best-in-class engineering and project services teams. They have been focusing on optimizing their supply chain network, both domestically and internationally, to drive down costs. Every incremental improvement adds up and results in competitive pricing while still maintaining quality products and exemplary services. Solar FlexRack is all in.

If you haven’t talked to a Solar FlexRack Representative in a while, it’s time to take a closer look. Connect with us today so we can take the headaches out of your next solar project.


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