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Leading solar developers, EPCs and utility-scale installers spend their days studying strategies to reduce solar design and construction budgets while increasing solar project energy yields. They keep their eyes on quality and safety standards throughout the process to deliver the best possible reliability and performance outcomes – safely.


FlexRack by Qcells offers an expanded line of trackers and racking solutions compatible with First Solar modules to deliver the flexibility needed to better meet those standards for quality, performance, and safety.

FlexTrack S-Series™ for First Solar Series 6

Benefits include:

  • Easily integrate 18.2% efficient next-generation solar modules with smart backtracking, self-powered optional solar trackers to maximize energy production

  • Advanced solar modules installed in up to 90-modules per row enable the highest energy density

  • A fully bankable solution with a lower levelized cost of energy that delivers better system performance in the harshest environments.

  • Highest project energy yields and ultra-dependable solar project installations

  • Combination of FlexRack by Qcell's proven track record with First Solar’s next-generation thin film Series 6 modules.


FlexTrack A-Series Solution for FS Series 4


FlexTrack S-Series Solution for FS Series 4

G3-X Fixed Tilt for First Solar Series 6

Benefits include:

  • A completely integrated and efficient solution that allows for the highest market value proposition and lowest cost to install

  • Reduce installation time by seamlessly integrating top tier solar modules with pre-assembled ground mount technology, including auto squaring and slot-to-slot connections

  • Combine solar modules independently certified for reliable performance in extreme environments with ground mount technology that accommodates up to 20% slope

  • Proven reliability and industry-leading durability for both product


Fixed Tilt Racking for First Solar Series 6

FlexTrack S-Series™ for First Solar Series 4

Benefits include:

  • Innovative, dependable, and cost-competitive solar trackers pre-designed to easily integrate with First Solar’s advanced Series 4 modules to produce higher project energy yields

  • Easily combine reliable solar trackers with solar modules that have a proven energy yield advantage in hot climates due to a superior temperature coefficient

  • Leverage Solar FlexRack’s comprehensive project support services when integrating the FlexTrack S-Series with First Solar’s top tier solar modules to ensure long-term project success

  • Pair the FlexTrack S-Series’s autonomous tables with First Solar’s Series 4 solar modules’ 11.2% energy density to increase design flexibility and maximize land use


FlexTrack S-Series for First Solar Series 4

FlexTrack A-Series for First Solar Series 4

Benefits include:

  • Advanced thin-film modules that deliver more energy in real-world conditions combined with the FlexTrack Tracker’s small drive blocks, which enable up to 40% reduction in land use

  • Rugged tracker technology engineered for fast installation

  • Up to 6% more specific annual energy yield from First Solar Series 4 modules paired with the FlexTrack Tracker’s smart backtracking for maximum energy production

  • Superior team of experts at First Solar combined with the only solar tracker solution complete with full design and installation services to reduce project risks and costs


FlexTrack A-Series for First Solar Series 4

G3-X Fixed Tilt For First Solar Series 4

Benefits include:

  • Flexible configurations for 4 to 8 high in the landscape to maximize watts per post

  • Generating more energy than competing modules with the same power rating, First Solar’s Series 4 modules deliver superior performance and reliability

  • The G3-X significantly reduces installation time with auto squaring, slot-to-slot connections, and pre-drilled holes

  • Unmatched team of experts with decades of solar experience at your service


FlexTrack S-Series for First Solar Series 4

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